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Going Green

Camp Twin Lakes acknowledges that the environment plays a strong role in the health and wellbeing of the campers served. We are committed to making environmentally sound decisions to ultimately reduce CTL’s carbon footprint. Through educational camp programming, CTL is committed to teaching all campers about the earth and how to make responsible, environmentally friendly, low-impact choices long after their camp experience. We do this by encouraging the use of sustainable products, minimizing environmental impacts, recycling, and conserving energy.

As we renovate our campsites or begin construction of new structures, Camp Twin Lakes is committed to making “green” choices.

Recent EcoFriendly Practices:

  • Reuse and retrofit an existing camp at CTL-Will-A-Way rather than building from scratch
  • Composting program from food waste in the kitchen to a sustainable Organic Garden at CTL-Rutledge
  • Replacing all incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent bulbs
  • Upgrading all cabin water heaters and air conditioning units to more energy efficient units at CTL-Rutledge
  • Upgrading water heaters and air conditioning units to more energy efficient units in many of the buildings at CTL-Will-A-Way
  • Addition of programmable thermostats in all camper cabins at CTL-Rutledge
  • Installing low-flow fixtures for plumbing applications
  • Utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products and practices
  • Construction of Selby’s Treehouse using natural materials, a green roof covered in live plant materials, and solar panels to power ceiling fans and a water misting system at CTL-Rutledge
  • Installation of a composting restroom system near Selby’s Treehouse
  • Elimination of landscape irrigation systems which use potable water sources at CTL-Rutledge
  • Installing new trees to provide shade and increase efficiency of HVAC systems at CTL-Will-A-Way
  • Catching rainwater for irrigation and other non-potable water usage at CTL-Will-A-Way
  • Capturing condensate from HVAC systems to irrigate newly-planted trees at CTL-Will-A-Way
  • Creating new program areas from existing teepee structures at CTL-Will-A-Way by replacing the existing greenhouse-like skins with breathable, operable tent-like coverings.
  • Salvage of old pool shade structure building materials at CTL-Will-A-Way
  • Use of heat reflecting roofing on the CTL-Will-A-Way Lake Pavilion Additions.
  • Use of dual flush toilets and ultra low flow urinals at the CTL-Will-A-Way lake pavilion toilets.
  • Solar powered path lighting at CTL-Will-A-Way.

Future “Greening” Includes:

  • Adding ceiling fans where possible to reduce dependence on HVAC
  • Replacing lighting systems with occupancy sensors/motion-detected lighting controls in public places
  • Implementing rainwater harvesting system with cistern for gray water use
  • Upgrading HVAC units in Dining Hall, Kitchen and Med Lodge at CTL-Rutledge with high efficiency systems
  • Upgrading all cabin water heaters and air conditioning units to more energy efficient units at CTL-Will-A-Way
  • Replacing HVAC system in CTL-Will-A-Way Dining Hall with innovative, efficient system.
  • Assembly space at the CTL-Will-A-Way Lake Pavilion will have ample daylight; minimal need for electric lighting. Garage doors and many operable windows will encourage the use of natural cooling/ventilation during mild seasons.


Camp Twin Lakes is a proud recipient of the Grants to Green grant which enabled CTL-Rutledge to replace camper cabin HVAC units with energy-efficient systems.