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Media Inquiries
All media inquiries should be directed to our Communications Coordinator, Kathryn De Shields at 404-231-9887, ext. 231. Photographs are available on request.

CTL Logos
Click on the links below to download a CTL logo.  Please contact us for appropriate logo usage and design guidelines or for alternate versions.

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CTL Proud Partner Logos
Click on the links below to download the CTL Proud Parnter logo. Click here for appropriate logo usage, as well as public relations and media guidelines.

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Proud Partner logo:
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CTL In the News

Highlights from the CTL Archives

  • 6.19.09: Maria Saporta commends Camp Twin Lakes on the opening of CTL-Will-A-Way in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.
  • 6.1.09: The AJC raves about the success of Camp Dance 2009! Read more…
  • 5.20.09: The Barrow Journal tells all about the grand opening of CTL-Will-A-Way. Read more…
  • 1.16.09: Athens Banner-Herald previews plans for “new life” at CTL-Will-A-Way. Read more…
  • 7.1.08: CNN covers the first Camp To Go, at Children’s at Hughes Spalding. Watch the video
  • 6.22.08: The AJC raves about the launch of CTL’s Camp To Go hospital program. Read more...
  • 2006: A special edition of CAMP Magazine features Camp Twin Lakes. Read more...

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Happy Thanksgiving, 2009

CTL’s News Splash Newsletter
To download past print issues of News Splash, click the links below. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the file.

News Splash, Spring 2009
News Splash, Fall 2008
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News Splash, Spring 2005

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