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Professional Staff

Meet our staff! In addition to the many valuable volunteers and seasonal program staff that make it possible for Camp Twin Lakes to carry out its mission, the organization employs several talented and committed professionals on a full-time, year-round basis.


Executive Staff

Jill Morrisey

Chief Executive Officer

404-231-9887, ext. 226

Jill joined the Camp Twin Lakes team in October of 2016. She has been involved with CTL for many years, serving on our last strategic planning committee and spending time as a camp counselor each summer. Jill is a fan of many outdoor adventure sports, including kayaking, cycling and hiking. When not at camp, Jill enjoys oil painting and hanging with her 2 wonderful dogs. She is also considered an expert at the "starfish" and frequently exercises this skill!

Daniel C. Mathews, M.Ed., CTRS

Chief Operations Officer
706-557-9070, ext. 403
Dan is based out of CTL-Rutledge. He is a certified recreation therapist and he manages camp operations, partner relations, food service, medical oversight, and site and facilities. He has worked with Camp Twin Lakes since 1993, starting out on a partner camp's staff, moving to summer staff in 1999, and ultimately working full time as Camp Director in 2000. Dan loves the ropes course and drumming, and his favorite camp song is "Love Is." He also loves watching children do more than they ever thought possible!

Brenda Leslie
Director of Finance & HR
404-231-9887, ext. 227
Brenda started with CTL in the spring of 2009 as the Controller, based in the Atlanta office. She handles all accounting functions, improves cost effectiveness, provides financial reports, and helps meet financial goals. She enjoyed swimming and diving at summer camp as a child and uses interior design magazines as an escape from stressful days.

Cheryl Belair

Director of Development

404-231-9887, ext. 224

Cheryl is the Director of Development overseeing all fundraising and marketing initiatives. Cheryl was the Camp Director for Camp Braveheart and Second Chance from 2002-2011. She is thrilled that her professional journey has brought her back to Camp Twin Lakes, her Happy Place! Cheryl’s favorite camp song is “Love Is” and can usually keep up with the hand motions to this one. Her favorite camp activities include kayaking, group initiatives, and free time in the cabin to get to know the campers. Cheryl enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, playing with her 2 young children, and date nights with her husband that involve live music.

Atlanta Staff

Merrick Bonner
Special Events Manager
404-231-9887, ext. 233
Merrick joined Camp Twin Lakes in November 2013 as an Events Coordinator. She primarily focuses on planning Spin For Kids but also works with a variety of other fundraising events. Merrick’s favorite camp activities include singing (and s’mores) around the campfire, tie-dye, and learning how to be Katniss Everdeen. Her favorite camp song is “The Cider Song”, and she still has wonderful memories of being pushed off her first zip-line at age 9. 

Lindsay Bucci
Marketing & Communications Specialist
678-894-9770, ext. 228

Lindsay joined the Camp Twin Lakes team in January of 2017. She is the resident expert in all things marketing, public relations, and, most importantly, wholesome living. She is a proud homeowner in the Kennesaw area, where she can be found completing many a renovation project on the weekends. When not designing online confetti tools, Lindsay enjoys snuggling with her dog, Juno. She is looking forward to an awesome summer making memories at camp!

Mary Gage Caulder

Events Coordinator

404-231-9887, ext. 209

Mary Gage has flown through the ranks here at CTL - from intern, to part-time Events Coordinator, to full-time Events Coordinator, she is one step away from taking over the world. When she's not working on Partners Card, she enjoys watching Clemson football, and will never turn down a good slice of pizza. Her favorite thing about camp is hanging out at the farm with a good fire and s'mores.

Emma James
Events Coordinator
404-231-9887, ext. 235
Emma first joined Camp Twin Lakes in March 2016 as an Events Coordinator. In this role, she is working mostly with Partners Card and other events throughout the year. Her favorite memories from camp include building fires, eating s’mores, and making lifelong friendships. Emma is the proud mom of two cats, and loves listening to Taylor Swift – but then again, who doesn’t?!?

Morgan Koon
Events Coordinator
404-231-9887, ext. 230

Morgan joined the Camp Twin Lakes family in the summer 2014.  After several summers, Morgan completed the Fellowship program with CTL- Dream and now works as an Events Coordinator.  Morgan helps manage Spin For Kids and CTL’s Young Atlanta Leadership League (Y’ALL).  When she’s not hanging out on the ropes course, dancing to Beyoncé’s “Move Your Body” or crafting the perfect s’more, you can probably find her hanging out with her dog, Button, and his BFF Piper.

Kate Lipton, CTRS
Camp Coordinator
404-231-9887, ext. 242
Kate began consulting with Camp Twin Lakes in March of 2009. She is the Program Director for the Wounded Warrior Family Retreat. Kate’s favorite camp songs are "The Pirate Song" and "World’s Greatest," and her favorite activities are boating and ropes course. She also has a therapy dog named Charlie Brown (pictured) who goes with her to Camp, nursing homes, and anywhere else she can sneak him!

Audrey McMenamy

Associate Director of Development

404-231-9887, ext. 229

Audrey started with Camp Twin Lakes in the fall of 2012, and is responsible for "bringing home the bacon", as they say. Audrey provides the expert opinion in the Atlanta office regarding all fashion & beauty trends, loves spending time with her husband and 2 beautiful children, and occasionally enjoys making floral bouquets for her worker bees.

Andrea' Robinson

Accounting Coordinator
404-231-9887, ext. 240
Andrea’ joined Camp Twin Lakes in February 2016 as the Accounting Coordinator. Her main responsibilities include accounts payables/receivables, reconciliations, and other things accounting related.  Andrea’s first camp site visit experience was definitely one to remember. She enjoyed the twist on eating lunch in the cafeteria with all off the campers and completing multiple rounds of “the wave.” Andrea’ enjoys spending time relaxing on the beach, since she hasn’t quite mastered the skills of swimming!

Heather Saltamacchio

Administrative Coordinator

404-231-9887, ext. 222

Heather began her career with CTL in March of 2016 as the Office Administrator in Atlanta. Her main responsibilities are managing the office, data entry, and greeting everyone with a warm welcome. She worked as a camp counselor through her college years at a Methodist camp in Dahlonega, Georgia and has a heart for children. Her favorite memories of camp include creek hikes, campouts, singing on the porch, Low Elements, and the making of forever friendships. She enjoys spending time with her husband and her two beautiful daughters. In her spare time, you may find her in the North Georgia mountains, taking photos, hiking, and being in the clubhouse at The Orchard Church in Loganville. She also enjoys cooking and watching Georgia Bulldog football with family and friends.

Skip Weiland
Office Coordinator
404-231-9887, ext. 221
Skip is CTL's Office Coordinator in Atlanta. Having worked with the organization since February 2007, he manages the office, answers the phones and handles human resources and data entry. Skip loves backpacking and camping out. He has fond memories of meeting his wife at summer camp and watching his own kids enjoy being campers and staff at summer camps. Skip's favorite camp song is "Puff the Magic Dragon," but his favorite band is the Grateful Dead.
  Rutledge Staff

Paige Smith
Camp Manager
706-557-9070, ext. 204
Paige has been a member of the CTL family since she was a camper. She spent several summers on program staff before joining the full-time staff as a Presidential Fellow. Paige manages, plans, directs, and supervises CTL-Rutledge's programmatic services and serves as a member of the Camp management team, which includes serving as host for Partner organizations on rotating weekends. Paige's favorite camp song is "Love Is" and her favorite activity is the ropes course, but what she loves most is seeing campers smile when they first get out of their wheelchair and onto a horse.

Josh Cagliani
Camp Manager - Camp Dream
706-557-9070, ext. 203
After working as a volunteer with a partner camp, Josh came to Camp Twin Lakes in the summer of 2010 as the Outdoor Adventure Director at Will-A-Way. Josh, also known as Cags, became the Will-A-Way Fellow, then a Program Coordinator before moving into his current position. Josh currently oversees summer programs at Camp Dream and programs coordinated in Rutledge throughout the year. His favorite activity is the ropes course, and his favorite song is “Love Is."
Stephen Dobek
Assistant Farm Coordinator
Steve joined Camp Twin Lakes in February 2015 as the Assistant Farm Coordinator.  A native of Buffalo, NY, he's been farming in the Southeast since the beginning of 2013, first in South Carolina, then in Louisiana, and now in Georgia.  His focus at CTL will be on the animals and pasture management, but he enjoys all the different functions of a farm, especially the part where he gets to eat.  Steve is excited to share his love of food and food production with campers and looks forward to moving CTL towards greater sustainability and food independence.

Nathan Fussell
Farm Coordinator
706-557-9070, ext. 201
Nathan joined Camp Twin Lakes in November 2012 as a Farm Fellow, and officially joined the CTL staff full-time as the Farm Coordinator in October 2013. As the Farm Coordinator, Nathan tends to all program and production related to the CTL Sustainable Teaching Farm. His dog Mei (pictured) is an Australian Shepherd mix who cheerfully follows Nathan around camp and keeps him company throughout the day. Nathan’s favorite camp activity is watching campers taste unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables for the first time. His favorite types of produce from the CTL Sustainable Teaching Farm are broccoli and winter squash. His favorite memory from camp is looking at the night sky as a young camper, a counselor and as a camp staff member. Nathan has explored caves in Laos using a hand-crank flashlight. 

Byron Ham
Food Service Coordinator
Byron joined CTL-Rutledge as a summer employee in May 2014. In October 2014, he joined the full-time culinary staff as the Food Service Coordinator. He's been a professional cook for 19 years, and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta in 2007. He and his daughter both found Camp Twin Lakes through Camp Stars after Byron lost his wife to melanoma in October 2012. He's a drummer, and most Sunday mornings you can find him with the Worship Team at The Orchard Church in Loganville. Byron enjoys music of all types, video games, and collecting cookbooks. His favorite dish to make is risotto.

Curtis Helmer

Program Coordinator

706-557-9070, ext. 205

Curtis first got involved with Camp Twin Lakes as an Outdoor Adventure program staff member in 2012. He came on full-time in 2016 as the Program Coordinator in Rutledge. He gets to hire and train our season program staff, coordinate camp schedules with our partner organizations, and make sure that the programs we offer are the absolute best they can be. Some of his hobbies include distance running, shooting and editing videos, and taking as many trips to Disney World as he can afford. His favorite thing about camp is that it's a place where kids and adults can see just how loved and accepted they are!

Larkin Kelly

Dietary Coordinator

706-557-9070, ext. 400

Larkin started her journey with CTL in high school when she worked in the kitchen at Rutledge each summer. After over 10 years of foodservice experience and graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Dietetics, she started working again with Camp in 2015 in a different way. Larkin was hired to create a new "dietary" department that works with our foodservice department and our partners to create a safe, healthy, and kid-friendly dining hall experience. She works directly with parents and our chefs to ensure that each child's allergies and dietary concerns are attended to with care, so that for the week they are at Camp, they can just relax and have FUN! She also gets to work with our summer dietary interns to teach fun nutrition and cooking programs for the kids. Her favorite thing to do at camp is sing with Mrs. Martha while cooking "cheeeeese quesadillas"! She also enjoys dancing, eating, and hanging out with her husband and new baby.

Destiny Harper

Housekeeping Supervisor

706-557-9070, ext. 495

Destiny joined the Camp Twin Lakes team in September of 2014 as a housekeeper. In the summer of 2016, she was named Housekeeping Supervisor. She is a proud wife and mother of two adorably wonderful boys. Her favorite camp activity is the zip line. Her favorite part about working at CTL is getting to bond with the kids and seeing all of their smiling faces.

  Ralph Lanier
Site and Facilities Coordinator
706-557-9070, ext. 498
Ralph Lanier joined the Camp Twin Lakes staff in October 2014 as Site and Facilities Coordinator in Rutledge. He assists with project construction and general camp maintenance.  Ralph is a die-hard Georgia Bulldog fan who loves attending the games and spending time with his wife and son. He is a Rutledge native and is especially proud to be a part of the CTL-Rutledge team.
  Rick Lanier
Site and Facilities Manager
706-557-9070, ext. 498
Rick is the Site and Facilities Director across all of CTL's campsites. He has been part of the CTL family since 1995. Rick and his staff maintain the physical structures of Camp and ensure that CTL-Rutledge continues to be a clean and safe environment for our campers. Rick enjoys camping and spending time with his wife and their four children.
  David McAdams
Senior Site and Facilities Coordinator
706-557-9070, ext. 498
David is a Site and Facilities Coordinator in Rutledge and manages the project construction and general maintenance of Camp. David has been with Camp Twin Lakes since 2007. He has five children and working at Camp Twin Lakes has made him appreciate them more. David is also a proud grandfather, affectionately known as "Papa Dave."
  Leigh McManus
Medical Coordinator
Leigh joined Camp Twin Lakes as the Medical Coordinator in April 2012, but also served on the Program staff at CTL-Rutledge from 2006 to 2009. She is also a nurse at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorder Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Egleston campus. Leigh collaborates with our Camp Partners to ensure that all the medical needs of our campers are met when they are at camp. Her favorite camp activity is the ropes course and her favorite camp song is "Tootie Tottie." Leigh's favorite camp memory happened just as she was sending a camper down the zip line. He looked at her and said, "If I can do this, I can do anything in my life!"
  Will-A-Way Staff
  Josh Sweat
Senior Manager of Programs & CTL-Will-A-Way
770-867-6123, ext. 227
Josh began at CTL as program staff in 1999, moved to Program Director in 2001, and is now Senior Manager of Programs and CTL-Will-A-Way. In his current role, Josh oversees all CTL-Will-A-Way facility functions and leads the Program Team for all of Camp Twin Lakes. In addition to his duties performed at CTL, Josh is an active member of the American Camp Association and serves as a Standards Instructor for the ACA. He enjoys the ropes course and canoeing, and loves seeing the look on a child's face when he discovers that he can do anything he sets his mind to. He also likes dancing to "Tootie Tottie."

Jamie Ekstrom

Partner Support & Hospital Programs Manager

770-867-6123, ext. 228

Jamie returned to the Camp Twin Lakes team in March of 2017. He began his time with CTL as a camper in 2006, followed by experience as a camp counselor, program staff member, and program fellow. Jamie is a huge fan of all the outdoor adventure programs and the classic camp songs (especially “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”)! Jamie spends his time at home playing guitar and hanging with his wife who he met at CTL in the camp band, The Ceetles!

Ashley Henderson
Volunteer Coordinator
770-867-6123, ext. 223
Ashley is the Volunteer Coordinator. She coordinates all corporate, group, event and individual volunteer activities and keeps the local community connected with CTL. Ashley joined the CTL team in April of 2009. She loves the ropes course, and her favorite camp song is "Baby Shark." What you might not know is that Ashley is a master at origami!

Lynn Moon
Office Coordinator
770-867-6123, ext. 221
Lynn joined Camp Twin Lakes in May 2011 as CTL-Will-A-Way's Office Assistant. In her role, she manages the day-to-day operations of the Will-A-Way office. She was introduced to CTL  by her son and daughter-in-law who have been volunteers since 2008. Her grandson also attends Camp AcheawayWhen she's not in the office, being a grandmother of six keeps her busy. In her spare time, Lynn enjoys decorating and browsing consignment and antique shops for that "perfect piece!"


Tracy Moubray

Food Service Coordinator


Hope Rosenlund
Camp Coordinator
770-867-6123, ext. 229
Hope joined the Camp Twin Lakes family in the summer of 2014.  After three summers, Hope completed the Fellowship program with CTL-Rutledge and now works as a Camp Coordinator at CTL-Will-A-Way. She directs Kids Serve II and Camp Wheel Away, and helps direct Camp-To-Go. Hope enjoys long walks on the beach on a starry night and singing Boom Chicka Boom.  All of her favorite memories at camp involve campers breaking barriers and realizing that their possibilities are endless.

Lauren Schmitt
Camp Coordinator
770-867-6123, ext. 226
Lauren first started at camp as a volunteer in 2013 for a partner organization. She immediately fell in love and returned the following summer as a Recreational Therapy Intern.  Lauren then completed the Fellowship program before moving into her current role as a Camp Coordinator. She directs several of our partner supported camps such as Camp Breathe Easy, Camp AcheAway, and Camp BIAG, as well as our hospital based Camp To Go programs. Lauren’s favorite thing at camp is cheering on campers as they achieve their green band after working so hard on their swimming skills all week!

Tony Wilson
Site and Facilities Coordinator
770-867-6123, ext. 227
Tony and his staff take care of everything on property, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, lighting, etc. They are also responsible for property maintenance, cutting the grass, and weed eating. Tony joined CTL in October 2012. Though he doesn't always get to participate in camp activities or songs, his favorite aspect of camp is the memories he watches the campers make.