25 Reasons to Work at Camp Twin Lakes

February 25th, 2017

1. Live, play, and work in the great outdoors.

2. “The people!  You not only get to meet the most incredible kids ever, but the friendships and bonds you make with other staff members are so powerful.” -Becca

3. Become a child’s hero.

4. “Aside from how fun camp is, you learn transferable skills that can help you no matter what field you are in, making you a more marketable candidate for future jobs.” -Morgan

5. The view from your “office” is pretty great.

6. Free food all summer.  Also, churros.  Enough said.

7. Better fashion: tall socks, tie-dye, bandannas. The brighter the better, man.

8. “For me, it’s simply the opportunity to influence so many lives in a unique way.  It’s incredible to see the impact that one week of camp can have on an entire year and realizing that we can create enough energy and positive motivation to get them through.  Being on staff at CTL provides a true chance to change the world one camper at a time.” -Sean

9. Get wacky!  Learn how to not take yourself too seriously and prepare for fun!

10. “It’s the one place where you don’t have to be afraid to be different!” -Ananya

11. You’ll be greeted everywhere you go all summer with high fives and side hugs.

12. It’s the only job where wearing friendship bracelets in your twenties is socially acceptable.

13. “Camp repeatedly gets you out of your comfort zone and shows you what you’re capable of!  You are constantly challenged and put in new positions that you have to learn to adapt to.  Camp taught me to not only focus on the things I am already passionate about, but to explore new ones and make the most out of those things.” -Allie

14. “You go in expecting to impact campers’ lives for the better, and you do, but they also end up changing you!” -Genevieve

15. Camp builds teamwork skills like no other.

16. Learn how to be a great role model.

17. “We get to show campers that they aren’t just a number, or a statistic, or what society has told them they are, but that they are special, and loved, and are NOT defined by their disability, illness, or life challenge.” -Weston

18. Try new things!

19. It might help you find new direction.

20. Watch as kids overcome challenges and conquer the rock wall, their swim test, or making new friends.

21. “Camp will prepare you in ways you cannot even imagine.  You will learn how to work with others effectively and efficiently, become a leader, form a network that will extend outside of camp, experience a love and bond with every camper you come in contact with, learn how to empathize, learn how to manage your time, to put others before yourself, and most importantly, how much your presence can truly impact someone else.” -Alysia

22. Disconnect and embrace the outdoors.

23. Contest-worthy Chaco tan lines.

24. “Camp is a place that challenges how you interact with the world, where you play an instrumental part in creating normalcy and fostering community within campers who may otherwise feel isolated because of their condition.” -Hannah

25. Have the BEST SUMMER of your life!

Words from Camp Wednesday

January 25th, 2017

“I was eight when I first came to Camp Twin Lakes. Now, I’m 22 and volunteer as a counselor. At camp, kids can spend a week away from all of their problems.

My mom wasn’t able to take care of me because of a drug addiction, so me, my brother and sister were put into foster care. We were together at first, and then we were separated. This was very hard. In foster care, we weren’t allowed to do things that normal kids could do like sleepovers or after school activities because everyone around us had to be approved by the state to ensure a safe environment.

At camp, I was able to be a kid. I felt like I was a normal child. As soon as you pass through the gate, anything that’s negative is gone. The staff, the scenery, the peace, the animals, everything is positive. We call Camp Twin Lakes “Utopia.” I’m a full-time student at Georgia State University, and I found my determination at camp. I never knew how determined I was until I passed the swim test at Camp Twin Lakes. I tried every day for a whole week before I passed. It’s all about resilience and perseverance.

Camp Twin Lakes gives a child the opportunity to feel like a kid. It’s so important that you feel like a child because so many kids have to grow up early and don’t have a childhood. The best thing you can give to a child is their childhood. People have no idea what this place does for the children who come here. Now, as a counselor, I’m giving that experience to someone else. It’s so rewarding. It’s a great experience, and I’m so thankful.”

– Camp Horizon* Former Camper and Current Counselor

*Camp Horizon is a camp for kids in foster care who were previously abused or neglected