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About The Farm

At the Camp Twin Lakes Farm, our main priority is to create an environment where campers can learn more about themselves, others and the earth. We grow more than 80 varieties of all-natural, healthy produce for campers and provide a fun and educational environment for them to learn about farming and food. In 2013 we produced 3000 lbs of fruits and vegetables and we will be adding significant acreage for vegetable production and an orchard in the near future. We also raise grass fed beef cattle, tend honeybees and have a growing flock of laying hens. Most every meal served at camp has some component that originated at the farm, and our goal is to produce 100% of our own beef and eggs and a large percentage of staple vegetables.

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Available Positions:

Summer Farm Program Staff: These positions will begin in the middle of May and last through the beginning of August. Farm program staff members will have farming and farm programming responsibilities. The work includes keeping things clean and safe at all times, interacting with campers in a fun and professional manner, being knowledgeable about all farm curriculum and being able to communicate in an engaging and fun way. They will also be responsible for connecting farm and food in the camp dining hall. Summer Farm Program Staff will also assist with daily farm chores.

Camp Twin Lakes Farm is looking for staff who:

  • Participates 100% in all farm and camp activities, even when you are tired or having a bad day.
  • Models camp values at all times for campers and staff.
  • Connects with campers on their first experience.
  • Reflects an attitude of excellence in all that you do and say-- as well as in the way that you act.
  • Gets results from campers and staff by learning to work with them.
  • Becomes a hero to a camper so that he or she can model the same values that you exhibit.
  • Creates unique experiences for all campers by giving that extra thought or deed to make them feel special.
  • Learns from mistakes made so that you can move on and not let them happen again.
  • Cooperates with staff members and supervisors so that we all can work in an environment of positive thinking.
  • Plans and organizes activities so that each camper has a great experience.
  • Self-motivated to do the work, to keep the farm productive and fun.
  • Makes good decisions for yourself, other staff and campers.
  • Manages the environment so hot days, hectic schedules and responsibilities can be handled with a cool head.
  • Accepts being a leader not only for the campers, but for the staff as well.
  • Takes responsibility for their actions, both good and bad.
  • Connects and Relates with all staff no matter the diverse backgrounds and personalities.
  • Can lift a 50 lbs. bag without hurting themselves. 

To apply, please click here to fill out an employment application