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Dining Hall Staff


Camp Twin Lakes is a unique nonprofit organization that provides life-changing camp experiences to thousands of children with serious illnesses, disabilities and life. With nearly 60 Camp Partners who serve diverse populations with special needs, we collaborate to create customized programs that teach our campers to overcome obstacles and grow in their confidence and capabilities.

Each week, Camp Twin Lakes hosts a different group of children with different challenges. Many of the children's groups have special dietary requirements due to their health. We provide them with the food that meets their needs, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

We operate throughout the year, with the 10 weeks between mid May and early August being the busiest time of the year. At this time, the Camp Kitchen is in operation seven days a week. We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks for up to 400 campers and staff members daily.

The meals are served family style to the campers throughout the summer. After the food is prepared, it is arranged onto serving platters and into bowls for each table. The presentation and wholesomeness of the food is just as important to us as taste and quality. There can be up to 36 tables served at each meal.

Most of the food is made from scratch. There are convenience foods used, but each year, we are incorporating more foods we can prepare wholly in our own kitchen, using fresh and local products when available. Preparing more items from scratch allows us to make the changes to meet different dietary restrictions of our campers. We are also incorporating more organic and local produce into our menus and are beginning an on-site farm, which will serve as an educational and therapeutic experience, as well as provide most of the fresh produce for the campers' consumption.


Opportunities are available at CTL-Rutledge and CTL-Will-A-Way. Please send all completed applications to:

Paige Smith
Camp Twin Lakes-Rutledge
1391 Keencheefoonee Road
Rutledge, GA 30663
(706) 557-9070

Josh Sweat
Camp Twin Lakes-Will-A-Way
210 S. Broad Street, Unit 5
Winder, GA 30680 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us! Camp Twin Lakes is an equal opportunity employer.