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Camp Twin Lakes seeks interns each academic semester to assist with various responsibilities that are relevant to running our organization.  We offer a variety of internships in program development, special events, camp planning and therapeutic recreation.  Internships are offered at our Rutledge, Winder, and Atlanta locations.  Please submit a cover letter and your resume to internships@camptwinlakes.orgAlso, indicate in your email which internship you are interested in.

Program Development Internship
Locations: Rutledge & Winder (available year-round)

This program consists of leadership and professional development, staff recruiting, program design, program enhancement, planning, and more.  Summer interns will work daily with program implementation with children.  The fall and spring options are geared more towards planning for the summer, and working with family and weekend programs while learning more about the internal workings of Camp Twin Lakes and our partner agencies.  Fall and spring interns will also work with our hospital based program called Camp-To-Go.  In many cases, the spring internship culminates by serving in a paid summer leadership position; housing is provided.

Therapeutic Recreation Internship
Location: Rutledge (available for summer only)

The purpose of the Therapeutic Recreation Internship program is to provide an opportunity to learn assessment, treatment, and programming skills in a camp setting; under the direction of a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).  The 200+ hour program consists of conducting assessments, learning about and working with other team members, creating effective treatment plans, learning about particular diagnoses of the camper, and completing a final project beneficial to Camp Twin Lakes.

Farm Internship
Location: Rutledge (March-November)

Farm interns will work in all aspects of fruit and vegetable production, animal care and farm programs.  Responsibilities will include: planting, weeding, composting, harvesting and prepping produce.  The interns will also assist in caring for animals.  In addition to farm work, the interns will assist in planning and leading program activities with our campers.  The goal of the internship is to provide a complete working knowledge of how to manage a successful and creative farm in a camp or educational setting.

Camp Planning Internship
Location: Winder (available for summer only)

Camp planning interns work closely with a Camp Coordinator on program planning, staff and camper recruitment, implementation of camp programs, and other administrative responsibilities. This internship will focus on CTL directed summer camps.

Special Events Internship

Location: Atlanta (available for summer and fall only)

A team of interns will work together, assisting with various special events and marketing efforts.  Interns work closely with the development staff on planning and promoting CTL's fundraising events.  Primary focuses include the Partners Card program and Spin for Kids, as well as event promotion.