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Summer Staff

The application for Summer Staff 2017 is available here!

  Live, play and work in the great outdoors and get   paid for doing all the things you like best:                 climbing, swimming, boating, biking and                   horseback riding, but most importantly working       with children who need your love and support.       At Camp Twin Lakes you will have the                     opportunity to do what you love while changing     lives.  CTL operates three camps: CTL-                     Rutledge in Rutledge, Georgia, CTL- Will-A-Way   in Winder, Georgia, and CTL- Dream in                   Warm Springs, Georgia.

  Summer program staff positions run from mid-         May through mid-August.


Interested specifically in working on our Farm?  Our Summer Farm Staff application can be found here!

For more information about CTL's summer staff opportunities, check out the following:
Descriptions of the summer staff positions
Program Staff Organizational Chart and full list of programs offered
A Typical Day at Camp Twin Lakes
Code of Ethics
CTL Staff FAQ sheet

We are looking for staff members who:

  • Participates 100% in all the camp activities, even when you are tired or having a bad day.
  • Models camp values at all times for campers and staff.
  • Connects with campers on their first experience.
  • Reflects an attitude of excellence in all that you do and say-- as well as in the way that you act.
  • Gets results from campers and staff by learning to work with them.
  • Becomes a hero to a camper so that he or she can model the same values that you exhibit.
  • Creates unique experiences for all campers by giving that extra thought or deed to make them feel special.
  • Learns from mistakes made so that you can move on and not let them happen again.
  • Cooperates with staff members and supervisors so that we all can work in an environment of positive thinking.
  • Plans and organizes activities so that each camper has a great experience.
  • Self motivated to do the work, so that the campers have a great experience.
  • Makes good decisions for yourself and your campers.
  • Manages the environment so hot days, hectic schedules and responsibilities can be handled with a cool head.
  • Accepts being a leader not only for the campers, but for the staff as well.
  • Takes responsibility for their actions, both good and bad.
  • Connects and Relates with all staff no matter the diverse backgrounds and personalities.

Camp Twin Lakes is an equal opportunity employer. Please refer to the job descriptions for full details on qualifications required for each position.