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Camp Twin Lakes - Camp Dream

Camp Twin Lakes began operating its third overnight campsite at Camp Dream in Warm Springs, GA in the summer of 2011.  In collaboration with the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation, CTL began providing recreational opportunities in a short summer session.  The Camp Dream campsite provides a unique recreational opportunity in the form of the Center for Therapeutic Recreation. 

Camp Twin Lakes - Camp Dream
Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation
6135 Roosevelt Highway
Warm Springs GA 31830
Phone: 706-557-9070 x203

Click here for a map of CTL-Camp Dream. 

Directions to Camp Dream

Check out CTL-Camp Dream on the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation website.

If you are interested in renting CTL-Camp Dream for an event or retreat, please contact, Josh Cagliani.

Here are a few highlights at Camp:

CTL-Camp Dream features two climate controlled lodges with multiple bedrooms. Thanks to bunk beds donated by Gratus Capital Management, each lodge sleeps now up to 66 people. 

At CTL-Camp Dream, campers enjoy unique activities such as bowling and ceramics.

In addition to an outdoor pool, the Center for Therapeutic Recreation also features an indoor swimming pool.

Lake Dream at CTL-Camp Dream was built by the Army Corps of Engineers. Campers enjoy such lake activities as boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating, paddle boarding, and fishing.

Camp Twin Lakes recently built an Outdoor Amphitheater on Lake Dream for campers to enjoy opening ceremonies and other performances.

At archery, campers can shoot a bulls eye with the help of specially trained staff and adaptive equipment.

There are various indoor and outdoor sports activities, including a track and field and basketball court.

Camp Twin Lakes’ staff guides campers through several outdoor adventure activities including a 40-foot Zip Line and a new Climbing Tower and Vertical Obstacle Course.

CTL-Camp Dream has accessible nature trails so all campers can explore and enjoy the natural habitat that surrounds the campsite.

There is a Cycling program with bicycles for campers of all ages and sizes to enjoy either on the road through camp or on the nture trails.

CTL-Camp Dream has various Creative Arts programs, including improv and drama.

Camp Twin Lakes activities at CTL-Camp Dream also include swimming, sports, nature, and more!